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Estate planning — why do it?

Two new clients came to see me last week. They needed changes to an old estate plan. They weren’t in my office because they wanted to be. They were there because someone they trusted told them to come. In that respect, … Continue reading

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Need a lawyer? Five things to remember….

We get it. No one wants to talk to lawyers. But there comes a time in everyone’s life—whether it be good news (Marriage), bad news (Divorce/Estate Administration) or something in the middle (Estate Planning, Asset Protection or Business Acquisitions/Sales)—when you’ll … Continue reading

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Legacy Lost: The Dwindling Family Inheritance

Ninety percent of family inheritance is often lost within just three generations, according to the Wall Street Journal (Lost Inheritance).  By the end of the second generation — to be clear, that’s after your children have passed away — you … Continue reading

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The Beneficiary’s Right to Know the ‘Rain Man’

In the 1988 film “Rain Man,” the estranged son of a millionaire discovers he has been essentially cut out of his father’s estate. Upon his father’s death, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) inherits a 1949 Buick Roadmaster and a collection of … Continue reading

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When to Update Your Estate Plan

An estate plan, much like an automobile, requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly — or at least, to keep it from breaking down. The question is: how regular is “regular”? Many estate planning attorneys agree that every 3-5 … Continue reading

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