How the Wizard can “Make Your Mark”

I just had a potential client contact me about how to trademark their business. This is a common question for business attorneys from business savvy clients who don’t want to get tripped up by not dotting their eyes and crossing their tees.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a hard thing to do. I often feel like the Wizard in the Emerald City begging people to not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Most likely, the man behind the curtain is looking it up on the internet like everyone else.

One of the best sources for small business is the Wall Street Journal. They teach me as much about the day-to-day as anyone else. I found this article below on the topic and thought I would share it with anyone interested.

As the article will tell you, there are times when you could hit a wall. If you do, give us a call. Maybe we can help.

As always, good luck and good hunting.


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