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As part of life’s journey, there are many speed bumps that we have all encountered. Almost all of them center around the phrase  “♂, ♀, ✳, †, ∞”(man, woman, birth, death, infinity.) Some of you may be old enough to remember Ben Casey, MD. … Continue reading

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How the Wizard can “Make Your Mark”

I just had a potential client contact me about how to trademark their business. This is a common question for business attorneys from business savvy clients who don’t want to get tripped up by not dotting their eyes and crossing … Continue reading

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The Day My World Stopped Spinning

My world stopped spinning on July 22, 2018 after my business partner and my boss, who happened to be my wife, lost a short and vicious fight with cancer. She did not go quietly into the good night, poking the … Continue reading

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Maryland’s Charging Order: How good is it?

I know I’m late posting this. But, as the song says, Hey, it’s Christmas time, and I wanna be Santa Claus. When we last met, we were discussing charging orders and favorable states. After discussing South Dakota and Delaware, let’s walk … Continue reading

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South Dakota Charging Order: How Do They Rate?

When we started this set of articles, I thought it good if we looked at the charging order, what it does and, because LLC laws are set at the state level, look at how charging orders change between states. We … Continue reading

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