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South Dakota Charging Order: How Do They Rate?

When we started this set of articles, I thought it good if we looked at the charging order, what it does and, because LLC laws are set at the state level, look at how charging orders change between states. We … Continue reading

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Delaware Charging Orders: How Do They Rate?

We started looking at various states for asset protection, specifically looking at what is called a “Charging Order.” Creditor’s rights laws against companies vary by state. Some are more friendly, others are not. How does Delaware stack up? No Liability for Members’ … Continue reading

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Chicago Cubs, the World Series and Annoying Bosses: Making Sense of It All

Have you ever had a boss that you could never make happy? So now you are the boss and have employees that annoy you. They came with qualifications, but they just don’t seem to be working out. I know you … Continue reading

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Charging orders: What are they and whose is better

At a recent lunch, a colleague posed the question, “Which state do you think has the better charging order?” That posed an interesting question that takes more time than gobbling down a crab cake sandwich allows. So I started researching … Continue reading

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Spooked about politics? How worried should you be?

I had the opportunity recently to hear Dr. JoAnne Feeney, Portfolio Manager of Adviors Capital Management, speak about the state of the economy. She started with a discussion of spending patterns that her firm was seeing in the immediate future. … Continue reading

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