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Legacy Lost: The Dwindling Family Inheritance

Ninety percent of family inheritance is often lost within just three generations, according to the Wall Street Journal (Lost Inheritance).  By the end of the second generation — to be clear, that’s after your children have passed away — you … Continue reading

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Postpone Estate Tax Payment to Save the Family Business

What’s the best way to create wealth?  If I had a definitive answer, you can bet your margarita that I’d be typing this from a beach somewhere. From where I’m actually typing this — my Annapolis business law office — … Continue reading

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How Will Estate Tax Changes Affect My Small Business?

Find out by checking out my guest post for Rocket Lawyer’s blog Everyday Law, “How Estate Tax Changes Could Affect Your Small Business.” Now that the election is the rearview mirror, we notice that we’ve been driving in the shadow of … Continue reading

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Capital Gains: Did Tax Increase Precipitate Star Wars Sale?

It was almost lost in the storm surge, but this week George Lucas finally let the wookie win. The creator of the Star Wars and the Lucasfilm empires has cashed out, swapping Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and a planet full … Continue reading

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Business Succession: The Handoff

Forgive me, but after three postings on this subject in which I have invoked metaphors ranging from Monopoly to Cinderella, I can no longer resist the need to appease my inner sportswriter. The transition from your direction of the business … Continue reading

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