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Estate planning — why do it?

Two new clients came to see me last week. They needed changes to an old estate plan. They weren’t in my office because they wanted to be. They were there because someone they trusted told them to come. In that respect, … Continue reading

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Need a lawyer? Five things to remember….

We get it. No one wants to talk to lawyers. But there comes a time in everyone’s life—whether it be good news (Marriage), bad news (Divorce/Estate Administration) or something in the middle (Estate Planning, Asset Protection or Business Acquisitions/Sales)—when you’ll … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Limiting Personal Liability in Business

The LLC and corporation are popular business entities because they limit the owner’s personal liability for actions taken on behalf of the business – but they don’t just magically erase that liability. Rather, these entities require regular attention to maintain the owner’s liability … Continue reading

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What should business people do in an election?

I have one word. Vote. We’ll talk again soon. In the meantime, good luck and good hunting. __________________________________________ The Fisher Law Office is renowned for its experience in estate planning, probate administration, asset protection, and business law. Annapolis attorney Randall … Continue reading

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Prodigal Planning: Protecting a Spendthrift Heir

Pop Quiz! What do you get when you add one kid with poor impulse control with one enormous inheritance? Hint: The sum is not a lifetime of fiscal responsibility. As this Wall Street Journal article points out, wealthy parents face … Continue reading

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