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Use of LLCs for holding real estate: Pros and Cons

I read a colleague’s recent blog today about the pros and cons of using a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to hold investment real estate. It seems to be a popular topic because I spent last evening discussing the same thing with my … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Limiting Personal Liability in Business

The LLC and corporation are popular business entities because they limit the owner’s personal liability for actions taken on behalf of the business – but they don’t just magically erase that liability. Rather, these entities require regular attention to maintain the owner’s liability … Continue reading

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The “Brat Pack” of Business: S Corp, C Corp, and LLC

If business were a 1980s coming-of-age film, then the S Corporation would be the overlooked middle child at Corporate High School — in other words, the protagonist of the film. The older, more prestigious C Corporation is the star quarterback, … Continue reading

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Should my Business be an LLC? A Question for the Great Oz

Determining whether your business should be an LLC (or a Sole Proprietorship) is daunting even with a grasp of the basic differences. Ultimately, it’s a question of diligence between you and the corporate veil. The corporate veil is a legal … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup for the Business Start Up: LLCs, DBAs, and Acronyms–Oh My!

It’s 2013; it’s the start of a new year and the time to start a new venture. What type of legal structure is right for your business? That’s not for me to say. All can advise is that you be … Continue reading

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