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The Capital Investment Blues: Unwinding ROBS Funding for a Startup

If you’re considering funding a startup or franchise, then you may already be ready for the huge gamble of turning a 401(k) into capital investment for a business: potentially losing the retirement account altogether. But are you committed? The method … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Private Wealth: Do You Want Your Estate Planning Public?

As Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney prepare to leave the Republican National Lovefest Convention tonight to get back on the presidential campaign trail, Barack Obama’s campaign is shouting ever louder about what it perceives as secrecy surrounding the estate planning … Continue reading

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Fore! (Well, actually, its 140 characters to say it, but it’s still important

A twitter follower, Keith Daw (@KeithDaw; but more about him later), asked me a recent question that froze me on how to respond enough that I missed my self-imposed Friday publishing deadline. Fortunately, Tiger Woods is far enough back in … Continue reading

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A Prince’s Inheritance & Why You Need an Estate Plan, Part I: The Will

For his 30th birthday on Thursday, Prince William received a bittersweet present: roughly $15 million inherited from the estate of his mother, the late Princess Diana. Now, if you are reading this humble blog, I sincerely doubt you are royalty … Continue reading

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Estate Tax Reduced for Maryland Farmers by “Family Farm Preservation Act”

On May 22, Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law a bill that many of you may have already heard about. Chapter 448, or the “Family Farm Preservation Act of 2012,” aims to ease the estate tax burden on the survivors … Continue reading

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