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Charging orders: What are they and whose is better

At a recent lunch, a colleague posed the question, “Which state do you think has the better charging order?” That posed an interesting question that takes more time than gobbling down a crab cake sandwich allows. So I started researching … Continue reading

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Spooked about politics? How worried should you be?

I had the opportunity recently to hear Dr. JoAnne Feeney, Portfolio Manager of Adviors Capital Management, speak about the state of the economy. She started with a discussion of spending patterns that her firm was seeing in the immediate future. … Continue reading

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Should my Business be an LLC? A Question for the Great Oz

Determining whether your business should be an LLC (or a Sole Proprietorship) is daunting even with a grasp of the basic differences. Ultimately, it’s a question of diligence between you and the corporate veil. The corporate veil is a legal … Continue reading

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Why Farmers Need an Estate Plan

Not all small business owners wear slacks.  Instead, some opt for overalls or jeans and work boots and make their offices in barns and fields, tending livestock and crops. Regardless of the uniform, every small business owner faces an uphill … Continue reading

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Prodigal Planning: Protecting a Spendthrift Heir

Pop Quiz! What do you get when you add one kid with poor impulse control with one enormous inheritance? Hint: The sum is not a lifetime of fiscal responsibility. As this Wall Street Journal article points out, wealthy parents face … Continue reading

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