Maryland’s House of Cards may crumble under (state) taxes

House of Cards, Season 2, premiered February 14, 2014 with tremendous anticipation on the East Coast because it was filmed in and around Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, D.C. It flooded the area with a fervor of Greed, Politics and Intrigue that hasn’t been seen around here since Bob Woodward was a police beat reporter. But….

Before the lights have quit flickering on the high definition video monitors from the all-night binge watching that many, including me, did, producers of the show have said they may move Season 3 out of Maryland unless the state ups the ante with more tax breaks. Tim Prudente, of the Annapolis Capital, has written about the release and the financials in the link below.

There’s a lot at stake in this poker game, both for the people making the series, the people working in or on the series and the State of Maryland. The Maryland Chamber is saying that the Maryland Film Industry has 5,000 jobs that are currently in-state and at risk if concessions aren’t negotiated. But money is money and the State House and Senate will need to see that this somehow hasn’t become a zero-sum game. So it won’t be solved with a wave of a sorcerer’s wand.

There is just something absolutely delicious thinking about Frank Underwood negotiating this, however. You can just see him there thinking about Democracy being so overrated and about to knock on the desk with his ring when the deal’s done. I, for one, am hoping they’ll get one. Because if Maryland won’t, someone else will.

Until then, good luck and good hunting.



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1 Response to Maryland’s House of Cards may crumble under (state) taxes

  1. According to a member of the Maryland Chamber’s Legislative Committee, House of Cards brought $125M into the state during their filming here…

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