Estate Trust Strategy May Save Taxes on Asset Gains

There is an excellent article on Bloomberg News discussing immediate estate planning strategies. The article is by reporters Margaret Collins and Alexis Leondis. In this article they discuss the use of GRATS and intentionally defective grantor trusts and how those strategies will work with assets that have an upswing in value potential. They also interview a good friend, Jonathan Mintz, who is Chief Executive Officer of WealthCounsel, a national organization of estate planning attorneys (of which I am a proud member).

The link to the to the article is as follows:

Please check out the article and if you have any questions, give our office a call. Our contact data is at our website:

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One Response to Estate Trust Strategy May Save Taxes on Asset Gains

  1. Randy,
    Great blog! Thanks for picking up the Bloomberg piece. I appreciate your taking the lead on this. Everyone wins when we get the word out about the need for responsible counsel in estate planning.

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