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Aging in America: Stuck in the middle

CBS’s Sunday Morning had a very thoughtful piece on Aging in America. The point of discussion was parents who run out of money before they die and the impact of the life change that this situation brings to the whole … Continue reading

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Odenton Town Center Tax Increment Financing District

On Tuesday morning, West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce CEO Claire Louder and several members of the Chamber attended the County Council Work Session at which two pieces of legislation affecting the Odenton Town Center were discussed. The first … Continue reading

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Maryland’s House of Cards may crumble under (state) taxes

House of Cards, Season 2, premiered February 14, 2014 with tremendous anticipation on the East Coast because it was filmed in and around Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, D.C. It flooded the area with a fervor of Greed, Politics and Intrigue … Continue reading

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Plan your New Year’s resolutions while planning your holidays

The issue is how do you grow your business. There is an old adage–if you aren’t moving forward, you are falling behind. It doesn’t matter what race you are running in, growing your business is a necessity for your business’s … Continue reading

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Legacy Lost: The Dwindling Family Inheritance

Ninety percent of family inheritance is often lost within just three generations, according to the Wall Street Journal (Lost Inheritance).  By the end of the second generation — to be clear, that’s after your children have passed away — you … Continue reading

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